From time to time I find myself slipping away from the truly important things in life and into a world built upon material existence. Many of us are blinded by an unseen agenda designed to enslave us rather than set us free.

The television has become a toxic backdrop in our lives that we allow to run wild and seep poison into our homes. With messages fed to us on a day to day basis through media, magazines and music, most of us don’t even realize how influenced our society has become by large corporations.

We spend more time reading about the lives of the rich and famous than we do getting to understand our own family members. With the images of the stars imprinted in our eyes, we head out into the world with our credit cards out and our wallets open wide trying to fill the void caused by this plastic circus.

The puppets that were born with pretty faces are truly worth every penny they are paid.The sheep have never fought so hard to put someone else’s name on their bodies, and the wolves have never eaten so well.

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