Dimensional, sculptural, color tapestries, Matthew Alexis’s work forges new ground into the experimentation and utilization of non-traditional painting techniques. His work celebrates and realizes the extreme plastic possibilities and physical diversity of acrylic paint.  Circuitry, textile, architecture and quilt making all seem to converge into a colorful amalgamation of pure elastic pattern.  Alexis weaves his paint into tableaus of harmonious color vibration, as if a loom weaving yarn into a textile.  Each painting seems to harken the viewer to ask questions about the physical makeup of the painted surface.  The extreme sculptural nature of his paintings gives the illusion of an underling structure, wherein actuality paint is the only element in his work.  The dimensional paint in his work is characterized by the use of copious amounts of paint which rise off the flat picture plane, in the form of “paint ribbons.”   With paint actually rising up off the canvas a true third dimension is achieved and the paint takes on a structural as well as expressive quality.  The result is a painting that visually captures the viewer from a variety of nontraditional viewing angles.

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