My journey as a sculptor started 25 years ago. It became the visual manifestation of my spiritual quest.
After exploring many different media, I felt a close connection to iron. Its strength and flexibility, its ability to be transformed and shaped by fire are qualities that give me the most freedom in my artistic expression.

Its symbolic and spiritual character is also a great contribution to my affinity for this material. Iron or Ferrum phosphate combines chemically with oxygen to give our red blood its color, having a fundamental role in our physical organism.

The industrial age is based on our consumption of iron. It is used by a super-mechanical science and unfortunately for a large part to create arms. I think it is crucial that the peaceful hands of artists forge, hammer and transform this material to transmute and bring force its inner qualities.

When I start a sculpture, working with my hands, I leave behind the reasoning and the feelings that propelled me, and let the vital force guide me from within. Each sculpture is a personal attempt to find peace and balance and to offer it to the world.

Abstraction and imaginary forms are more suited for my visual language. I feel they allow me to explore more deeply the primordial forces that shape our world.
I am always looking for the marriage of material and space, to mingle and make them inseparable, one from another, as are the body and the spirit.

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