David Brandt developed a love for art in childhood.  Receiving awards in juried shows for sketches and drawings, Brandt took formal training at Orange Coast College and Art Center College of Design.  He has painted on the islands of Dominican Republic, Guadalupe, Kauai, Moorea and San Salvador, and on numerous locations throughout Costa Rica, England, France, Poland and the United States.  Brandt has traveled throughout the continental States, and currently resides in southern California.

An avid swimmer, Brandt takes an ardent approach to the sense of water in his paintings, establishing for the viewer an observation of nature’s most tranquil and powerful force.  The objective for his Elements series was a dedication to the elements of earth, air, fire and water.  The Water series has a definitive sense of flowing calm, while paintings from the Fire series evoke heat and action.  The Air series calls to mind lightness and changeability, whereas Earth paintings suggest a glacial movement’s path leaving behind traces of its occurrence.  His 2007 solo exhibition with Forseti Gallery in San Diego displayed a wonderful endeavor to accomplish that goal.  Seasons, his current series, expresses emotions, passion and energy, and returns Brandt to his first love of abstract expressionism using pure, simple, raw color.

With great affinity for beauty, Brandt takes joy in creating art that evokes warmth, comfort and peacefulness.

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