In the timeless journey to address the eternal, artists act as shamen allowing us to confront the passages of birth, life and death. In his twenty year career, Paul Ecke has moved from the figure to abstract bodies of work.  In his newest series “Fractals,” Ecke explores the complexities of human inter-relationships in the form of the line, pattern and color.  In nature as well as mathematics, fractals are geometric objects that in their basest form contain self-similar structures that are repeated in the whole.  Thus, everything comes from and is composed of fractals.  For, Ecke the fractal becomes his meditative mantra and his path-road into this life experience.  From the child to the man, life is composed of repeating relationships and inter-connecting journeys.  His stripes transform into intersections and his circles become cycles of consciousness.  Each artwork is created through applying multi-layers of paint and media and then stripping them away.  Thus, even in his process, Ecke demonstrates that all can be deconstructed and constructed again from simple elements.  With each piece the viewer is then asked to engage in their own personal dialogue of their roadmap.

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