If you are looking at one of my artworks whether it is painting or sculpture, be It a figure, a vessel or an abstract form, there is a stream of consciousness that has led me to the last point of movement in my latest work. It is this stream that makes my art. The stream is about managing to ask questions that make life interesting to me as the artist. It is about stretching my mind and emotions into the “What if?” and the” I wonder why’s?” My art is not a response to my life lived nor is it a reaction to my present environment. My art is about striving to interpret my past, present and future involving the known and unknown without fear and redelivering age old concepts in brand new husks. My art is an interpretation, a filter of a mind striving to be conscious whilst being creative and imagining the splendid vulnerability of existence in its many forms. By binding myself almost to the point of suffocation and then untangling the crazy web to a simple elegant evocative image is the best way I can describe the process of my art making.

As a sculptor I feel really unencumbered and carefree in my present medium. There is very little that the medium of clay restricts in the building sense. The clay’s fluidity is immediately responsive to my thought. The color and texture I can achieve within my kiln is the only endless color pallet available to an artist. Heat creates color and permanence, an alchemical magic that allows the work to mutate into its own entity, gaining its independence after my hands have finished with the raw unfired process.

After more than twenty years in “the making” my work as a female, differing in aesthetics, interests and devotion to my male peers, has evolved to where my ‘style’ is my ability to vieweach work as a new “egg.” All works I produce have a dialogue with me during their conception but their production is as unique as that of a child and its mother. Throughout this interaction their exclusive personalities evolve partly dictated by their medium, the remainder by my influence. My hand and mind are present in my work in my color sensibilities, my line sensitivity and my sense of form, as making my art is a part of how I live my life. So as I first said, its about asking the questions that then creates the artwork which then allows the dialogue which then leads to the opportunity for me the artist and you the viewer to be bound with a memory whilst revolving throughout life.

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