In this series, I explore the intersection of what is planned and what happens accidentally in human experience–the nature of causality. Upon seeing a large piece of broken glass in an alley, I was taken aback by the beauty created by this accident. The shards reminded me of glaciers breaking apart, and I began thinking about the idea of causality in the world and in life; what is created by accident and what is calculated. Are these two forces of the accidental and willed action part of an overall chaotic design or entropy?

Fritjof Capra in the Web of Life, writes that the emerging unified theory of living systems speaks of self-organizing systems, where the spontaneous emergence of new structures and new forms of behavior in open systems is far from equilibrium. Perhaps then there are no accidents, but rather occurrences or happenings following rules and systems we don’t quite understand.

My work represents visual metaphors of landscapes under transformation. I do not believe this to be a pessimistic view of the world, for even in destruction, there is the hope for new beginnings. It is the destruction that leaves room for the new. I break the glass to open the mind to possibility and conjecture. The glass, which iconographically signifies the fragility of the world we live in, sets up a relationship with the image of nature that I paint underneath beforehand. The sky, water, and land are disrupted by the shattering of the glass, and their sense of place is altered. Thus, the conversation begins.

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